The Chinese played a part in Sierra County History. There were over 400 Chinese in Goodyears Bar in 1850. 


The Chinese came to California by the thousands, working long hours for low pay. Fas ships called Brigantines brought the Chinese to San Francisco. They then traveled overland to Sierra County. There were three main Chinese Settlements around Goodyears Bar in the 1850's. The northeast end of Goodyears Bar on the Meadow known as the Wright Ranch - the point across from the Mouth of Goodyears Creek - Ramshorn just southwest of Goodyears Bar. 


The Chinese Exhibit contains artifacts from the Chinese during the Gold Rush of 1849 in Sierra County. Displayed are the Rice Wine Jugs, Ginger Jars, Chinese Bwls, Rice Containers, a Gold Dust Blower and Scales, Food Containers, Marbles, Abacus, and other Artifacts.